Crystal CG was founded in 1995 in Beijing. In just 15 years we have become one of the largest digital media companies in the world. A vital and exciting enterprise, we are constantly reaching out into new dimensions to expand our portfolio of innovative digital solutions. We are a thriving, international business – helping clients the world over to explore new frontiers in visual communication.

Crystal CG officially opened a UK-based operation in 2007. We expanded this to become our European Headquarters in 2009, with the creation of Crystal CG International in London.

This is a key milestone in our history, as we set out to develop our activities across Europe and internationally. We are actively seeking collaboration and co-operation to produce digital communications to an exceptional standard.

Crystal CG International prides itself on delivering creative, innovative and high quality services to our clients across a diverse range of sectors.

As early as 2001 Crystal CG was designated by the Beijing Olympic Bid Committee as its 3D Graphic Provider. Five years later we were appointed by the Beijing Olympic Games Organising Committee as the official Graphic Design Services Supplier — the first in Olympic history to be included into the Olympic Games sponsorship program.

This recognised our energy, passion and status within the field — as well as our contribution to the development of the industry. Our subsequent appointment as the ‘Digital Imaging Services Supplier’ for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games gives further testimony to our professionalism and commitment to our craft.

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Crystal CG is a leading digital media company that specialises in creating innovative digital imagery.

We give stunning visual expression to the ideas, imagination and aspirations of our clients and partners. We are experts at delivering creative digital solutions that engage and inspire target audiences across Property, Sport, Media and Events industries, and both Corporate and Public sectors.

Our passion is to fire imaginations through the visual experiences we create. We strive to produce work that is at once new, inspiring and enduring. We work with empathy and sensitivity to build strong bonds between audiences, our clients and partners, and ourselves.

Crystal’s key difference is innovation — both in the creative power behind our productions, and in the way we develop advanced visualisation technologies. Learn more about our Vision and Strategy.

Another difference is the sheer scale and depth of our resources. Because of our size, what was once impossible may now be achieved — both the big idea and the critical deadline. Crystal CG can make previously insurmountable problems seem less daunting.

We offer immense experience and expertise in both creative design and project management — adding value to everything our clients need from us, across a diversity of computer graphics and digital media disciplines.

As a leading global player with over 3000 employees at locations worldwide, we have the resources and capacity to meet any challenge. Find out about our Worldwide Operations.

We also invest heavily in Education and R&D — bringing future concepts to life for our people, our industry, our clients and their audiences across the world.